Jeremy Riley and RGT have been working together since 2013. Their first album "X-Cellent" even made it into Amazons-US-Charts. Their music is based on beats, memorable tunes and creative vocal arrangements.

In their latest works they've been experimenting with funky stuff which can be heard e.g. on their song "Blame it on Motown" as a hommage to Berry Gordy's Label: Motown Records.

Blame it on Motown (Single)

Written/Performed/Produced by RGT
Vocals by Jeremy Riley

On my home I heard that bass
drowing in adrenaline
I did accelerate
the cop would say: „won’t u please slow down?“
when the beat is on u can’t wait too long
otherwise u’ll be late

Blame it on Motown ...

on my way home
I felt that bass
I could hardly drive cause deep inside
the feeling got so intense
the tune came in
so did the words
i can tell for sure i'm an old school nerd
uh I gotta dance

Blame it on Motown …

… Berry Gordy did a good job …

back in the days they couldn’t fake
24 / 7 the funk brothers played on tape    
down in West Grand Boulevard
„the Sound of Young America“  

u need a bit of funky beat
i give u soul …



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