Working with MASHA is like painting musical pictures.

"Beautiful Place" is about death and release, about pain and salvation, about freedom and fear. It's about the idea that we'll never leave but still will be here for those we apparently left behind ...



























Video by Torsten Kühn

Innocent Mind


written/performed/produced by RGT

Vocals by Masha

all alone from the day he was born

got no tears to cry

got a heart made of stone
he would run, run away from a dream
that never has been so far

there she stood, face down, in the woods
she could hardly speak, her behavior was rude
Pictures Burn in Their innocent Heads
Thinking life is an Act of war

we’re the lucky one
born on the better side
it could have been the other way
there ain’t a reason why
we look above our head
never looking down


so here we are

and here we’ll fall

refuse to hear that desperate call

Far too many dreams in a boat
But the sea will drown their lives and their hope
Is this place what we want it to be
Do we naturally think who cares?

over borders and wires they’ll climb
to the promised land on the other side
U and i stole their pride and their soul
Its our philosophy not theirs

give their life a new beginning
for the way we’re living is  taking care of ourselves
so although our mind says no we gamble with our future
where numbers define our wealth


Innocent Mind - Masha