2020 - September

Jürgen Hörig's Album "What If" (written and produced by RGT) will be released in November 2020

Chris Brandon's new song "I shouldn't love U" (written and produced by RGT) has been released, here's the lyric video

Jeremy Riley's "F.U.N.K." has been released. The song was written by RGT and produced by Ben Jud. Here's the Spotify Link

Jazzy's Song "Lapdog" (co-written with RGT) can be heard on Spotify (more than 117.000 Streams meanwhile) and Youtube

Anela's second single "Goodbye bye" has reached 55.000 clicks on Spotify. Check the video

Selina made it to the finals in the WTE competition with RGT's "Yours"

RGT won the Logic - Remix Competition

New Piano Solo by RGT "Almost Forgot to Say"

2020 - June

RGT's second piano album "Inner Freedom" has been released. It has already over 16.000 streams in Spotify. Check "Silent Prayer" on YouTube

RGTs Song "Speechless" (performed by Chris Brandon) has been streamed more than 138.000 times in Spotify

​J. Hörig's first single to be released in June 2020

Anela's first single "Step Back" got over 19.000 streams in Spotify. Check her Lyric Video (by Torsten Kühn). She also has more than 6000 monthly listeners

RGT and Jeremy Riley are about to release their second album in 2020

Selina will participate in the "Welcome to Europe" Contest performing RGT's Song "Yours"

Anela's Video Shooting for her second single will take place in June ... feat. Jesse Kolb

RGT is writing/producing the next single for Pop Duo Tanja & Ines

2020 - January

- Writing/Producing an EP for Jürgen Hörig (German TV Moderator)

- New RGT-Production to be released in March performed by Chris Brandon

- Vocal Affair live performance in Marbach (15. February 2020) Review ...

- Working with new Artist ALENA on her Debut album

- Watch this 25-Min-interview with RGT by Dan Peter



Video Section updated


RGT is now on Spotify and ITunes


New RGT Spotify Playlist


"Thoughts before Midnight" also on Amazon Music




RGT's Mini Album "Thoughts before Midnight" containing 10 Piano Pieces is online. Get the Album here


RGT's Album "3'33" containing 15 songs (each one goes 3 min. 33 sec.) has been released. Get the album in the Music Section


2 More FrogsUnited Imagefilms scored by RGT




RGT just joined FrogsUnited: a new company devoted to shooting imagefilms.

Their first collaboration can be seen in the Video Section


TC Dalton's RockCountry Album "Put the Money Back" containing 12 RGT Songs was released on April 29. In the "Deutscher Pop und Rockpreis"-Contest it won 4 awards: Platz 1: Best Country Singer, Platz 2: Best Country Album and Platz 2: Best International Song.


Jesse Ritch's latest Album "Secret of Life", was released on September 15.

It's ranked Top 34 Switzerland.