TC Dalton is a Country Rock Singer from Montana/USA. His first Album "Put the Money Back" was released in 2017 and contains 12 Songs written by RGT.

I Don’t Care

Words by RGT/TC Dalton

Music by RGT



We're on a ride flyin’ high in Alabama
The rock beat feels like weed then Mary wanna
Take a break, so we stop at a lonely bar
We’re hidin’ in the shadows, celebrate la vida
Surrounded by Cinderella and Margarita
True to ourselves, that is what we are


‘cause I won’t let nobody ruin my life again
It’s only me and I who are standin’ hand in hand
I gave her all she wanted for a broken heart 
I gave her all I had to be left alone in pain

Again and again you will lose in the end
Ain’t no reason to do this unless you pretend
Lovin’ is simple but it’s hard to bear
But I don’t care, I don’t care – no, no – I don’t care!


We’re layin’ in the shade smoking marijuana

Take another bittersweet Pina Colada

Following the rules that only fools could make

Say hello to Alexander, Gin & Tonic

London Fog, Havana Cooler and Tom Collins

Hanky Panky, My Fair Lady and Hurricane

I Don't Care - TC Dalton
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